School of Language : Sea from Shore

school_of_language.jpgSea from Shore starts off with the pairing of “Rockist Part 1” and “Rockist Part 2,” two unusual tracks that continuously loop the sound of vowels being enunciated. At the point you begin to be somewhat agitated by the repetition along comes the vocals, and the hook of strong pop music.  

Sounding somewhere between a sedated Modest Mouse and Architecture in Helsinki, School of Language intrigues listeners from the very beginning. “Dissapointment ‘99” grunges out with heavy distortion and soaring chorus breaks, while tracks like ‘Keep Your Water” and “Marine Life” show a more melodic side of School of Language’s musical structure.

"Ships” seems to float out from the speaker with a lofty vibe. Slight snippets of percussion drift thru airy vocals and sedated guitar as the momentum builds toward a climax, and then seemingly derails intentionally into “This Is No Fun.”

Sea from Shore easily entertains, and proves to be best ingested whole.  Many of the tracks bleed from one into the next, at times making the album feel somewhat like a soundtrack to a larger picture. As the album closes with “Rockist Part 3” and “Rockiet Part 4,” the vowels return, yet the songs continue to seem both new and inviting. 

Sea from Shore is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.