Scarecrow Collection

sc1-weintrob.jpgScarecrow Collection avoids the usual pratfalls that seems to be the Achilles heel of so many of the bands lumped into the broad “jamband” category. 

The band from Hoboken, New Jersey, made up of Gerard Fee (guitar,) Joseph Fee (drums,) Ed Fritz (keys,) Nick Setteducato (guitar,) and Mike Sojkowski (bass) have songs that are good enough to stand alone by themselves, songs that are still great once the many layers and numerous solos have all been stripped away.

Scarecrow Collection can play and jam and improvise with the best of them, but use their strength, which is their ability to write ultra-catchy tunes to as the foundation for what they do live on stage, to separate themselves from other bands  Their catalog is deep with well-crafted tunes that can stand as both live beasts and as great songs.  “Texas,” off of their debut album Hook & Shattered, an infectious blast of laid-back funk-laden rock that sings about getting your ass back to Texas, is a prime example of this blend of a well crafted tune that provides a strong foundation over which the band can go to work over in a live setting.  “Grateful” off of their most recent release could be the cousin to “Texas” as it is an insanely irresistible tune that hides its potential for live improvisation just below the surface, waiting to rear its head as soon as the band hits the stage.

Setteducato says, “we all kind of come from a pop background. I mean that in the sense that we can all get just as excited about a Nirvana song as we do about a Mahavishnu Orchestra tune. So, much of our music just instinctively has a pop sense because they have hooks and melodies. But, it’s not a deliberate thing at all, where we say ‘this next tune must be the next Billy Jean!"

They signed with independent label Harmonized Records at the end of 2006, and released their second album in the spring of 2007.  Radio Frequency Disaster (named Album of the Year by jam-friendly internet radio station, Endless Boundaries Radio) is full of slightly-rocking, slightly-rootsy, slightly-jammy songs with melodies and hooks that can easily latch onto your head and never leave.  They do this without treading onto the dangerous ground that can be mainstream-pop. 

As guitarist Gerard Fee says, “We’re not afraid of a having a pop-sensibility.  I think that is what sets us apart from the other ‘jambands” out there.  And I think that’s a good thing.”

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