Sarah Jarosz at the Baby Grand, 10/22/13

Sarah Jarosz

Baby Grand

Wilmington, Delaware



_MG_5542My life has led me on a musical journey all over this great country and world. I have seen acts down the street from my house and as far away as Amsterdam. The one thing I have learned about traveling for music is that it is so needed in your life.


I ventured outside my box to a new venue in my world, The Baby Grand. The Baby Grand is the smaller room attached to the Grand Opera house in Wilmington, Delaware. The Victorian design and old retro-coloring created a unique atmosphere for the performance of bluegrass singer/songwriter Sarah Jarosz.


Jarosz’s set was highlighted by songs from her first two albums, 2009’s Song Up in Her Head and 2011’s Follow Me Down. Her artistic and simple light set-up made for much more than just a bluegrass band playing on a stage. It created atmosphere, emotion, and so much color onstage and behind the band that it seemed to provide a visual interpretation for each song.  The tall, slender backdrops that reflected the lights throughout the show seemed to sway and dance in-time to the music.


Jarosz plays with a simple, stripped down band that consists of Alex Hargreaves on violin and Nathaniel Smith on cello.  Smith plays with a style and grace that serves as the backbone of the band, helping to glue the different pieces of music together in such perfection that you cannot take your eyes or mind off the show.






Three young and wildly talented musicians came to Delaware and blew the minds of everyone at The Baby Grand with their elegant take on bluegrass.  In the cozy confines of the The Baby Grand, Jarosz’s straightforward, intimate, and extremely personal manner with which she delivered each song was like watching a close friend play a show in your living room.