Samantha Stollenwerck

Pillgrim: n
1. One who embarks on a quest for something conceived of as sacred.
2. A traveler.
3. Your guide to the freshest faces in grass-roots music.
A knee injury when she was 16 that confined her to the couch for two months served to be the unlikely catalyst for Samantha Stollenwerck’s musical career.  While couch-ridden her mother gave her a guitar and that, combined with the countless Sublime shows she saw as teen and a Black Crowes set that introduced her to Chris Robinson's passionate singing, helped develop her self-described “Cali-Soul” sound.

Stollenwerck continued to develop her sound, a blend of soulful guitar-driven folk with smart pop sensibility, throughout high school where she began to play many of the local spots in her hometown of San Diego.  While in college at U.C. Berkeley she formed her first band that quickly gained a large following in the Bay Area, fans drawn to the intensity of her marathon shows that sometimes stretched on for five hours.

Shortly after college she released her first CD, Square One, which captured her “Cali-Soul” and put her voice, which is the sound of a sunny afternoon cookout in your best friend’s backyard, front and center.  This release garnered her invites to many of the major festivals including Austin City Limits, SXSW, and Bonnaroo.  She also opened for many bands throughout the last year (G Love, Ziggy Marley, Bob Schneider) that introduced her to a wide audience.

Stollenwerck looks to carry the momentum she gathered in 2006 and continue to develop a large devoted following.  She started off 2007 with an opening stint for The North Mississippi All-Stars, before taking on a series of intimate shows in Los Angeles.  She spent the majority of her subsequent time in the studio working up songs for her new album, which as of yet does not have a release date. 

Stollenwerck plans to hit the road at the end of the summer for a few shows, and then head back into the studio to continue working on her new album.

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