Rusted Root : Stereo Radio

rusted_root_stereo_radio.jpgPittsburgh, Pa.’s Rusted Root reinvents their tribal sound on the bracing new recording, Stereo Rodeo. Their first album release in seven years for the group, Stereo Rodeo touches on the traditional Rusted Root rhythm based structure without sounding dated or trivial.

 "Dance in the Middle" approaches a five-minute peak of loose acoustic improvisation via the swinging vocals and guitar work of leader Michael Glabicki. Right by his side is multi-instrumentalist and top notch singing tandem of Liz Berlin on percussion and Patrick Norman on bass as they bend a new take on the Elvis Presley gem, "Suspicious Minds." Adding to the party on "Weary Bones" and the disc’s highlight, "Bad Son," are Dirk Miller and Colter Harper on guitar with Jason Miller and Preach Freedom on drums and added percussion.

Just like the fanciful atmospherics that permeate "Give You the Grace," Rusted Root’s world based vibration on Stereo Rodeo imbeds itself inside the listener’s heart and soul, and it refuses to let go.   

Stereo Radio is out now on Adrenaline Records.