Royal Thunder : CVI

Royal Thunder’s 2011 eponymous EP was like a hairline fracture in Pandora’s Box; the essence of the inhabitants slipped out, but the full brunt remained dormant. CVI, the band’s debut long-player splinters the container, freeing the darkness with metallic intensity.

The Atlanta, Georgia, quartet is heavy; Sabbath-style slabs of guitar and bassist/vocalist Milny Parsonz banshee wail are an explosive combination, raging through the opening “Parsonz Curse,” trudging distorted through “Whispering World,” and pulsing venom across “Blue.” The quartet is blistering at times, brooding at others, but intense throughout.

Atlanta’s music scene has always boasted a far-reaching variety of styles and genres, and Royal Thunder are adding liberally to the mix; they cast a fiery storm from the heart of this Southern city.

CVI is out now on Relapse Records.