Rose Hill Drive shows maturity in Seattle


Rose Hill Drive
Seattle, Washington
October 16, 2008

Rose Hill Drive are out on the road this fall supporting their latest release, Moon is the New Earth. The brothers Sproul and their heavy footed drummer Nate Barnes have just spent the greater part of the year on the road supporting The Who and just when you thought they couldn’t possibly out do themselves, it is quite clear that they have incorporated even more rock goodness onto their own stage.

Daniel.jpgThis is quite possibly a result of the mentorship involved with jamming with the aforementioned stadium giants. Also notable with this event is the change occurring in the type of audience attending Seattle RHD shows.

It’s not just for kids anymore.

An age span of what looked to be 21- 61 could be seen clearly enjoying this fresh yet classic rock sound.

An updated look is also being sported by Jake and Nate (of course, it’s all about the HAIR!) The band is not only sounding mighty fine they are looking great – but don’t be fooled by their young, hot appearance.

However, this rock trio is proving further that their talent for entertaining extends far beyond the realm of most good looking brother bands. These guys write their own songs and play a major role in producing and recording the material.

RHD displays a clear and confident mission when they get on stage to translate all of that hard work into a live show. It is staggering to witness the well-rounded musicianship that these three young men posses. They definitely stand out in today’s music world where semi-talented kids are pawns in the hands of greedy industry types.

Trio- Balcony.jpg

This Seattle show saw a great blend of new and old tunes with just the right amount of classic cover material thrown in for good measure. New songs "Trans Am" and "Sneak Out" are so well polished they might come across as older material to newer fans of the band.

Jake.jpgGuitarist Daniel is continuing to play with inspired style. He has clearly been focused and has further advanced his tremendous string-bending power with maturity and ease. His impeccable version of Hendrix’s "Machine Gun" could have brought tears of joy to the eyes of the elders in the Seattle audience. The guitarist has also stepped up to the mic for this tour and is proving that his voice is capable of more than just back up to the uber dynamic lead vocals of his older brother Jake.

The band’s take on "Sunshine of Your Love" was also executed very well, but was perhaps a bit of an elementary choice for a band with such technical prowess.

Aside from the easy cover tune this entire one hour set was solid rock entertainment played with a particular brand of passionate fury that can only be seen and felt at a Rose Hill Drive show.

Set: Trans Am, Sneak Out, A Better Way, Showdown, Sunshine of Your Love, Cool Cody, 8th Wonder, Machine Gun, Godfather, Raise Your Hands

Encore: Do You Wanna Get High

Nate blue.jpg