Rose Hill Drive : Moon is the New Earth

rhd_mooncover.jpgIf you were worried about a sophomore slump, never you any mind. How about a sophomore jump to greatness? The opening track to Rose Hill Drive’s Moon is the New Earth, “Sneak Out,” has no problem assaulting you with aggressively loud and boisterous rock and roll.

Rose Hill Drive’s self-titled first release held some magic, yet it didn’t really reflect the energy and essence of the band.  Moon is the New Earth is utterly reflective of the trio’s balls-out rock and roll. The first album seemed to have little continuity, but this release flows effortlessly from song to song, with spot on harmonious vocals, grungy guitar and thundering rhythm.

Tracks like “Altar Junkie” and “Trans Am” waste little time with niceties, going straight for the kill with monstrous walls of sound and fever-pitched tempos.  The crunchy, distorted sound of Daniel Sproul’s guitar starts things out on “My Light,” offering what might be considered the first breather of the otherwise blisteringly fast album. 

Start to finish, this is a great body of work. These young men no doubt know what they are doing, and keep the idealism of a power trio alive with yet another stellar offering.

Moon is the New Earth is out now on MegaForce Records.