Roger Waters: The Wall, 9/21/10


Roger Waters: The Wall
United Center
Chicago, IL
September 21, 2010

It is perhaps one of the most celebrated and influential albums by one of the most influential bands in the history of music; a melodrama in the classical sense, Pink Floyd’s The Wall is back and it is making its way across the world. It is doing so with a new edge that brings the timeless story of a boy, Roger Waters,  who lost his father at war and has a subsequent life as a stadium rock star into the present century, decade, and day. The boy and subsequent man proceeds to both construct a series of walls and, in some cases,  have them  constructed for him. With a stage show that is only surmounted by the depth of the musical and lyrical content, Waters is taking the live music experience and transforming it into a production that combines elements of theatre, symbolism, and 3-D technology to audiences who are discovering their own personal walls and reliving the tale that was first told in 1979. On the fifth stop of the tour,‘s  Chad Smith was there to capture the experience as most of us are still anxiously awaiting the tour stop closest to us.

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