Robert Randolph & The Family Band, 10/16/10


Robert Randolph & The Family Band
The Buckhead Theater
Atlanta, GA
October 16, 2010

Many are being reintroduced to what has been a landmark in the music world for many years. What was known as The Roxy is now known as The Buckhead Theatre. While many things have changed structurally due to the renovations that preceded the name change, one thing remains the same. That is that it is a great place to see music.

On this night, one of the world’s finest slide guitar players and his proficient set of players would grace its stage. Perhaps the most renowned practitioner of Sacred Steel play, Robert Randolph along with his Family Band poised themselves in Atlanta to deliver their hypnotic and energetic soul/funk to a crowd that was equally as receptive and sparing of the energy that was being displayed before them on stage.  The fancy new venue and the mix of yuppies and sweaty funksters made for an entertaining experience. With the addition of phenomenal music, the sum was completely grand.

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