Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise : Out of the Wilderness

robert_bradley_out_of_wilderness.jpgFive years after his last studio album (and after some shuffling of the line-up of his band), blues-man Robert Bradley is back with Out of the Wilderness.  The album was born out of Bradley’s desire to return to his roots as a musician; he says that it is as simple as, “me at the piano, with the musicians around me finding my groove.” And find a groove they do. 

Out of the Wilderness is a straight-forward, no-frills blues album that is propelled by Bradley’s distinct, old-timey voice that sounds as if he’s squeezing every last syllable out of each word he sings. It is an album that doesn’t aspire to be more than what it is, and that is what gives Out of the Wilderness its life.  It is an album that sings of simple things – love, a beautiful girl, thinking about old times, and a longing for home – and it is with those simple topics that Bradley’s wizened voice shines. 

For Bradley, this simple approach to his music is what he strives for and what he achieves on Out of the Wilderness. “This record brings me back to the time when I started out wanting to be a singer-songwriter,” he says, “where the music did not need the New York Philharmonic to make it real.”

Out of the Wilderness is out now on Quarter2ThreeRecords.