Rob Roy Parnell : Let’s Start Something

rob_roy_parnell_lets_start_something.jpgIt has been eight years since Texas-based Rob Roy Parnell released his last album, Jacksboro Highway, to much critical fanfare. During that time, Parnell repeatedly performed at nearly every roadhouse in the state of Texas, continuing to hone his craft, and earning a reputation as one of America’s premiere harmonica players.

On his latest release, Let’s Start Something, Parnell is joined by Delbert McClinton’s backing band – Kevin McKendree (keyboards), Lynn Williams (drums) Don Wise (saxophone), and Lewis Stephens (keyboards); James Pennebaker, Dave Millsap, his brother Lee Roy, Stephen Bruton, Hector Watt on guitar; bassists Sarah Brown and Steve Mackey; and renowned vocalists Jay Boy Adams and Jonell Mosser.

“That’s All She Wrote,” a phrase Parnell’s father used to say to him many times as a child at the end of a long day’s work, is the album’s standout track.  Co-written by Burton, the song takes the phrase and turns it in to a story about a man being left by woman, only to get the sweet revenge of her departure becoming the best thing that ever happened.

Let’s Start Something is an infectious blend of Texas roadhouse music, so much so that it becomes obvious Parnell is performing with nothing short of his very best friends, friends that are having the time of their lives recording together.  The result is an album filled with joyful good times, 12 tracks that leave the listener with a smile from start to finish.

Let’s Start Something is out now on Blue Rocket Records.