Richie Havens : Nobody Left to Crown

richie_havens_nltc.jpgVeteran folk icon Richie Havens returns to his 1960s roots on the evolving project, Nobody Left to Crown. Haven’s music and performances are legendary, allowing the troubadour a sense of freedom to apply novel arrangements to classic material at the time he introduces new compositions for the iPOD generation.

Starting with "The Key," Havens locks in tight, connecting history and everyday events with his inimitable lyrical directness. Taking a page from another ’60s rock pioneer, Havens acoustically tackles -with a self assured smooth tone – Pete Townshend’s vibrant anthem, "Won’t Get Fooled Again." Clarence Greenwood’s "Hurricane Waters" stands alone as the timeliest tune on Nobody Left to Crown, and Havens’ cover of Andy Fairweather Low’s "Standing on Water" demonstrates his adaptability, expanding his contemporary’s work.

It’s the give and take that Havens brings to recording techniques that has won him high demand studio time with his peers. Produced by Jay Newland, Brian Bacchus and Havens, Nobody Left to Crown finds Richie Havens reaching towards the future and embracing the present, while acknowledging the past’s challenges and complications that shaped us.

Nobody Left to Crown is out now on Verve.