Richard Thompson : Walking on a Wire

richard_thompson_walking_wire.jpgArguably no guitarist has had as long and as consistent a career -while at the same time being criminally overlooked by the casual music fan – as Richard Thompson. From his early days with pioneering British folk-rockers Fairport Convention, to his legendary partnership with then-wife Linda Thompson, continuing through his twenty-plus year solo career, Thompson has continued to redefine what is possible with a guitar. 

Walking on a Wire, a four CD box-set retrospective gathers everything up from Thompson’s long career and neatly ties it all together.  Every segment from the guitar master’s career is well represented, but it only includes material that has been previously released (with a few minor exceptions), and therein lies the problem with the box.  For those who have already discovered the genius of Thompson, most of Walking on a Wire will likely be in their music collection, especially as the box set – understandably  so – draws heavily from Thompson’s classic period with then wife Linda Thompson. But for those who have yet to delve into the genius of Thompson, Walking on a Wire proves to be a fertile starting ground.

Walking on a Wire is out now on Shout! Factory.