Rich Robinson’s ‘Through a Crooked Sun’ to drop in October

Rich Robinson will release Through A Crooked Sun on October 11, 2011. Through A Crooked Sun is Rich’s second solo album after much success as a co-founder of the Black Crowes.  Robinson produced the album and guests include Warren Haynes and Larry Campbell. The album will be released by Circle Sound/Thirty Tigers.

Through A Crooked Sun finds the musical gifts that have propelled a major career fully intact, but joined this time by a more sentient, holistic outlook: that of a father, a son, a husband, a spiritual being, a musician, fully integrated and more comfortable than ever in his body, mind and soul.

“The most exciting thing for me in doing my own album is that a lot of the things that I want to express lyrically, which are very personal, may not have space to be expressed in the band format,” says Rich. This album chronicles his path to peace and centeredness in the aftermath of personal turmoil. He uses the sun as a metaphor to examine his life because his tough experiences both nourished him and blinded him at the same time.

Rich has also been part of a Howard Zinn film project called The People Speak, which he found to have a common cause with the album.

Track Listing:
1.  Gone Away
2.  It’s Not Easy
3.  Lost And Found
4.  I Don’t Hear the Sound of You
5.  Hey Fear
6.  All Along the Way
7.  Follow You Forever
8.  Standing on the Surface of the Sun
9.  Bye Bye Baby
10.  Falling Again
11.  Station Man
12.  Fire Around