Rex-A-Vision Presents: Swamp Deadication with 7 Walkers (VIDEO)

7_Walkers_2.jpgBorn from casual live collaborations between Bayou crooner and guitarist Papa Mail and legendary Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, the 7 Walkers have created a brand unto itself. Through a critically acclaimed record (that was cowritten by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter), a heavy tour schedule and a solid lineup — consisting of Mali, Kreutzmann, the Meters’ George Porter, Jr. on bass and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard — Bill and Papa’s swampedelic vision is now complete and it could not be more grand.

While on the scene at Stables Studio Music Festival, Woodford Reserve and Rex-A-Vision partnered with Honest Tune to round up the 7 Walkers for a rare conversation that ranged from friendship, marriage and of course, to the craftsmanship that goes into the molding of the swampedelic groove.



Rex-A-Vision Presents: Swamp Deadication

with 7 Walkers