Remembering Woody

Allen Woody, bass player extraordinaire with the growling tone,  died ten years ago today.

It's been a DECADE since the man who helped shape my musical taste, graced us with his instrumental prowess. 

Lord, how time flies. 

Gov't Mule released Mulennium this month, the recording from their show on 12/31/1999. I don't remember too much from the evening – I remember being handed a tiny champagne bottle upon entry, and I remember having my ears ripped to shreds by Mule at finest – a trio of hard-charging, balls-to-the-wall musicians. But, I guess my lack of memory of the show really illustrates how long it's been since I saw Allen Woody on stage, because, for me, that was the last time I saw him play.

Woody was an amazing musician. I remember the first time I saw Gov't Mule – during "John The Revelator" he broke out the double-necked bass, with a mandolin neck alongside the bass neck. Here was a guy who played an instrument built to rumble your insides playing mandolin. He also played guitar in Blue Floyd, rounding out his skill with the stringed instrument family. It's hard enough to master ONE instrument, let alone play multiple with ease like Woody did.

 Shockingly, Gov't Mule has played longer without Woody than they did with him..

So, tonight, raise a glass to Allen Woody, the man who brought us to the "banks of the deep end" every time he picked his bass up – the sound of his walking truly did split the whole damn town, (wherever that may have been on any given night,) right in two.