Rebel Rappin’ with Michael Franti : an Honest Tune Interview (VIDEO)

Michael Franti is a poet, an activist, a guitarist, a vocalist and an avid yogi. It is safe to refer to him as a renaissance man. However, barring his immense presence and length of body and extremities, any personal exchange with Franti is like an exchange with an old pal.

The past couple of years have brought more commercial success than in the collective previous decade and a half with his current project, Michael Franti and Spearhead. But the Michael of today is the same Michael of yesteryear and it is this quality about him that is perhaps most endearing; and this presence is what is continuing to reel in fans of all ages who witness the Spearhead live experience — one in which the separation of crowd and band is all but completely extinguished.

A few months ago while amongst the luscious green fields of Mulberry Mountain at Wakarusa, David Shehi had the opportunity to speak with Franti on topics including: songwriting, his recent Top 40/mainstream success, the situation and relief efforts in Haiti, the intimacy at a Spearhead gig and so much more.


Rebel Rappin’ with Michael Franti 

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