Ray Lamontgne: Till The Sun Turns Black

Ray Lamontagne is just too darn good to be true.

Rugged good lookin’ cat from Maine who has that classic Van Morrison-meets-Joe Cocker smoky, impassioned tenor, and a keen eye for a good tune and lyric.  Singers and songwriters of Lamontagne’s stature don’t come around very often and the ones that do don’t seem to screw it up some how.

Lamontagne’s latest effort, Till The Sun Turns Black, picks up where right where his debut, Trouble, left off – it's a stark, cinematic, soulful effort that shows no signs of major label confinement or sophomoric slumps.

Here in eleven wonderful tracks Lamontagne runs the gamut from straight Stax-era soul  (complete with horns) to lush, symphonic arrangements that make rich canvases for Lamontange’s hushed tales of love and loss.  With efforts like these first two, Lamontagne could be in for a monumental career.