Rare in depth recent video interview with Trey Anastasio surfaces


 Although we are completely unaware of its source, this is an interview that definitely needs to be seen by any Phish fan or anyone who would like to hear Trey’s insights on the origin of his love of music from a developmental standpoint from 3rd grade through middle school up until the present. Further, he discusses the Phish philosophy on music from their inception and on how he feels that musicians should recognize their place as a sort of service worker as they try and effectively channel the energy through themselves, into the audience, and then eventually be the recipient of that energy back from the crowd. You can see and listen to the entire interview here.

Phish is currently making their way up the eastern seaboard with two dates in Charleston this weekend. For more information on Phish’s current tour, please click here. For information on Phish’s new years run that culminates at Madison Square, please click here.   

Phish bassist, Mike Gordon, will also be taking his band on tour beginning on 11/6 in West Hollywood, CA.

If anybody has any deeper source information on this interview, we would love to hear it. There may even be something in it for you if your info checks out. Just drop a comment below and please leave your email address.