Railroad Earth with Jackie Greene, 5/7/11


Railroad Earth with Jackie Greene
Wellmont Theatre
Montclair, NJ
May 7, 2011

Railroad Earth’s rise to success has been hard-won. For ten years, they have played the entire gamut of venues. They have played in front of ten-thousand and in front of less than a hundred. Throughout it all, which has included two personnel changes at the bass post, six studio releases, and thousands of live performances, Railroad Earth has become a staple across many niches in the music world. 

The gig at the Wellmont was a symbolic culmination of it all. It was a chance for band and hobos alike to rejoice and reminisce…hobos being the endearing name of which fans of the band have given themselves. 

Aside from a spectacular song selection and opener Jackie Greene ‘s joining in for"Hard Livin’" and "Duncan and Brady," there was nothing mind blowing about the musicality that came forth. The fact is that this sextet is virtually always spot on and this night was no different. This, coupled with a spirit of celebration and recollection, made for a formula that was pure magic.

Jackie Greene Setlist

I’m So Gone, Farewell So Long Goodbye, Medicine, Gone Wanderin’, Uphill Mountain, Don’t Let the Devil Take Your Mind, A Moment Of Temporary Color > New Speedway Boogie

 To download the audience recording of this show, click here. A stream is available below

Railroad Earth Setlist

Long Way To Go, Old Dangerfield, Bird in a House, Like a Buddha, Railroad Earth, Wavin’ Willie, Colorado, Warhead Boogie > Black Bear, Lone Croft Farewell, Spring-Heeled Jack > Mighty River > Spring-Heeled Jack, Duncan and Brady, Hard Livin’, Seven Story Mountain, Storms, The Jupiter and the 119 > Fiddlee
Encore: Keep Movin’ On

To download the soundboard recording, click here. To download an audience recording, click here. A stream of the audience recording is below. 

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