Railroad Earth, 6/21/12

Railroad Earth
The Fillmore
Charlotte, NC
June 21, 2012



As Railroad Earth’s busy June was drawing to a close, they set out on a four date run. In partnership with Sweetwater Brewery’s commitment to the Waterkeepers® organization — whose mission is to conserve waterways throughout the Southeast — the always impressive quintet landed in Charlotte, NC on this night, the third of the band’s four night commitment to what Sweetwater has dubbed their WaterkeeperBrew effort. (that has also served as inspiration for a charity-driven new brew)

It was a perfect match from Jump Street. Sweetwater is the brew brand that seemingly has an innate ability to satisfy the taste buds of even the savviest of hippie craft connoisseurs. Along these lines, Railroad Earth, with their mellow music that also has a propensity to peak in sheer awesomeness, has found themselves uniquely positioned as a band that can virtually fit in anywhere within a music scene that stretches from the land of Bisco to the space of Dark Star. On a given night, one can find RRE members sitting in with Toubab Krewe just as easily as he can find them hosting their latest endeavor, Music on the Mountaintop, a festival that is deeply rooted in the bluegrass genre for which the band most squarely fits.

But the night in Charlotte wasn’t all about good deeds and environmental consciousness. After all, fans dropped a Jackson to get into the gig and Railroad Earth, always one to be cognizant of such matters left no room for complaint. Highlighted by extensive jamming in the second set and a five song segue that began with “The Jupiter and the 119” and culminated with the Grateful Dead’s “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo,” RRE dropped a beast of a show on the Queen City’s hobo population.

Rather than go on and on, just have a listen to the streaming show below the photo gallery or if you would prefer, download it for later. We trust that you will agree with the aforementioned concise assessment.




I: Saddle of the Sun, Lordy, Lordy, Colorado, Black Elk Speaks, A Day on the Sand, The Good Life > Seven Story Mountain, Any Road

II: Cold Water, Little Rabbit > Mission Man, Long Walk Home, The Jupiter and the 119 > Cuckoo Medley > Goat > Mountain Time > Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo, Long Way To Go
Encore: Everything Comes Together


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Railroad Earth: June 6, 2012 — Charlotte, NC