Pre-Order & Downloads Offered For Walter Becker’s “Circus Money”

Walter Becker is giving his hard-core fans a chance to get his new solo album, Circus Money before its June 10th release date on the 5 OVER 12 label.
Becker and his long-time collaborator Donald Fagen have released 10 albums under the Steely Dan name.  The new album is only his second solo effort, coming to market a mere 14 years after his first, 11 Tracks of Whack.  Last week, subscribers to Becker’s newsletter were  offered a link to his new online store. Preorders placed through that store before May 26 will be delivered on June 5. Buyers were also given a link to an immediate full track download from the album.
“I’m happy we were able to offer these possibilities to our long-enduring subscribers,” says Becker, “they’ve put up with a lot over time so it only seems right to give them a chance to be ‘the first on the block,’ so to speak.”
Subscribers were also given access to a personalized e-invitation service, allowing them to share the deal with non-subscriber friends. Within a few days, the offer became widely shared and publicly posted, and is now open to everyone.  It expires at midnight on May 25. .
The Walter Becker Store is managed by Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records, distributor for Circus Money. The store currently offers Circus Money in three formats:  CD-Jewel Case, MP3 download (256kbps), and FLAC download (Lossless), with more offerings expected to be added soon.
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