Pontiak : Living


Pontiak is three bearded brothers from Virginia who play guitar-driven, psychedelic stoner-rock with a deep, heavy soul. Huge aural landscapes sway and swoon with the rapid pulsating beat of a heaving heart.  The music is loud, complex, unsettling, and utterly intriguing. Quite simply it is the perfect music for a serious bout of headphone exploration. 

Pontiak’s latest album, Living, is a flawless representation of this sound. It is an album in the truest sense, meant to be listened to as a whole, with each song expanded on the language off of the previous one. Living is built with thick, sludgy guitars that are piled on top of heft bass lines and stuttering drums that add tension to the already overflowing textures. It is a combination that blends together to create an intense listening experience.

Living is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.