Poco : Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, 9/30/71


Born from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield, Poco finds Richie Furay, the “forgotten” Springfield songwriter, stepping out on his own to form a genre-defining band. His new band was at the forefront of the country-rock movement, and in 1971, it was arguably at the height of its powers.

Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, 9/30/71 finds the band right after their first major line-up shift, with original member Jim Messina’s departure paving the way for guitarist Paul Cotton to join.  Cotton’s arrival marked the second phase of Poco and continued its genre-blazing streak.

This live release captures the band in the transitional period, moving slightly away from a countrified sound and toward a more rocking edge. Cotton’s "Bad Weather" was quickly becoming a signature song for the band and stands as one of highlights of the set. The rest of the set finds Poco reworking classic tunes from their first two albums. More importantly, the band debuts material from its new album at the time, From the Inside, which marked a pivotal point in the band’s career. 

 Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, 9/30/71 is out now on Collector’s Choice.