Piano Red : The Lost Atlanta Tapes


In October 1984, Willie Lee Perryman, better known by his stage name Piano Red (or sometimes the pseudonym Dr. Feelgood), recorded his last album live at the Excelsior Mill in Atlanta, Georgia. Though no one knew it at the time, the 73-year-old was in very poor health and would pass away less than a year later, ending a lengthy career that started in the 1920s playing ragtime piano, jazz and blues with his friend Blind Willie McTell.

While his skills dimished with his health, Perryman’s passion for his music remained as pristine as ever. The Lost Atlanta Tapes features 18 tracks, including eight Red had never previously released. The collections runs the gamut of his career, from the slow Delta blues of "Baby, Please Don’t Go," to the barrelhouse rolls of "Let’s Get It On," to the boogie Perryman does best, "Shake, That’s All Right." The collection also features his groundbreaking 1950 hit "Rockin’ with Red," one of the very first records ever referred to as rock-n-roll.

The Lost Atlanta Tapes is out now on Landslide Records.