Phish, 12/30/10


Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
December 30, 2010

Phish did it again. Offering yet another stellar New Year’s run, it is hard to fathom that less than two years ago, we were still wondering if we would ever see the boys share the stage again. Thankfully those days have passed and Phish is blowing minds in ways that only they truly can. 

The Phish faithful showed up. Many braved a treacherous nor’easter to make it for what would prove to be an epic run of shows that began on 12/27/10 in Worcester, MA and ended after three nights at New York City’s Madison Square Garden  1/1/11

Those that did brave the elements were paid in dividends that included a nasally Sarah Palin chiming in for "Alaska" via a recording and a 19 minute "Meatstick" that brought about dancers, a mariachi band, and representatives from virtually every culture to chime in on the quirky number that culminated with Phish making a classic New Year’s entrance on the famed hotdog.   

It was hard to imagine that the boys from Vermont would top last year’s run, but once again they proved that only they are capable of outdoing themselves. 

In the middle of it all was 12/30 and Vernon Webb was on hand to capture the event through his lens.


Set One: Cities, Chalk Dust Torture, Gumbo, Quinn the Eskimo, Halley’s Comet, Camel Walk, Maze, Driver, Bathtub Gin, Fat Man In the Bathtub, Timber, Golgi Apparatus, Character Zero

Set Two: Tweezer, Light, Theme from the Bottom, My Friend, My Friend, Axilla I, Fluffhead,Boogie On Reggae Woman, 2001, Suzy Greenberg

Encore: Run Like an Antelope, Tweezer Reprise

To download the audience recording of this show, please go here. For soundboard recordings, head over to

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