Phish, 10/31/10


Boardwalk Hall
Atlantic City, NJ
October 31, 2010

Phish has done it again. Capping off a three night Halloween residence at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall, the consensus was unanimous; the boys from Vermont still bring a show that is tough to match in terms of both professionalism in play and awe inspiring interplay and improvisation.

From the opening "Frankenstein" with Page McConnell on his Moog keytar, Phish made the proclamation that Halloween would be an evening of anything but soft served creamy treats to the sold out crowd in the city that is "Always turned on." The rest of the night would simply serve as a series of exclamation points on their initial musical proclamation through an extensively jammed and free formed "Stash," the first "Spooky" since late 1993, and the second musical costume in as many years with Phish taking on Little Feat’s 1978 double live album, Waiting for Columbus that would see the addition of musical guests Giovanni Hidalgo on percussion and Aaron Johnson, Stuart Bogie, Ian Hendrickson, Michael Leonhart, and Eric Biondo on brass detail. As an added twist, the costume set would also serve to affirm the Phish quartet’s instrumental versatility with Mike Gordon settling in behind McConnell’s ivory, Jon Fishman taking on lead vocals from center stage, Trey Anastasio on drums, and Page on bass for Little Feat’s Willin’. 

An encore of "Julius" would welcome Mr. Hidalgo and the aforementioned brass back to the stage. The tune served more as the perfect cherry-on-top-closing-statement that neither the show nor crowd required but welcomed all the same.

It was a grand night that left many proclaiming such things as "my favorite Phish show ever" and "excuse me while I pick my face up off of the floor." Phish did it again and it was good. 

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