Pgroove plays “saved” Neighborhood Theater


Perpetual Groove
Neighborhood Theater
Charlotte, North Carolina
February 6, 2010

It was almost the Perpetual Groove show that wasn’t.

pgroove1.jpgIn January of this year there was an announcement that Charlotte’s Neighborhood Theater would be shutting the doors at the end of March. Happily, due to the overwhelming support from the Charlotte music community, the venue will continue as before. With the loss of Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem last year the lost of the Neighborhood Theater would have been a major blow to the music scene for 100 mile radius.

Perpetual Groove’s tour made a stop at the nearly full venue – nearly 1000 were in attendance – and opened with a 20 minute "Occam’s Blazer," followed by two songs – "40 Roses" and "Too Close to the Sun" – from the new album, Heal. After these, the band broke into a long time band favorite and crowd pleaser, the Talking Heads’ "Naive Melody."

pgroove2.jpgBoth guitarist Brock Bulter and keyboardist John Hruby recently released solo albums, and PGroove took on one of Hruby’s tracks, "Drink Then Fill."  This was the first time "Drink" had been performed by the band. The set ended with "The March of the Gibbles Army."

The second set begins with an instrumental, "Honeycut" and was followed by a new cover, "Once Upon a Time" by Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, a ballad about teenage love. Then, for the next 38 minutes the crowd was treated to a monster jam sandwich, "Mr. Transistor > Speed Queen > Helter Skelter > Speed Queen > Mr. Transistor." To end the second set the band plays an 11 minute "The Noise."

The encore started with a "Up Again" from the new album, and wrapped up the evening when they segued into a spirited "TTPFJ"

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