Perpetual Groove “green up” their tickets

In their ongoing effort to battle carbon dioxide emissions and thedetrimental impact they have on global warming, Perpetual Groove, in conjunction with Inticketing, Green Mountiain Energy Company, and Sustainable Waves is pleased to announce that fans now have the option to "green-up" their ticket though PGroove Netix.

When purchasing tickets through Perpetual Groove's online Netix service, customers will have the option of purchasing a renewable energy credit for the price of $6.00.  This renewable energy credit is issued by Green Mountain Energy Company and off sets approximately 1363 pounds of carbon dioxide – which is like not driving your car 1500 miles, not flying 3400 miles, and equal to the eco-benefit of approximately 82 trees.

Perpetual Groove is offering this service in addition to their "buy a ticket, plant a tree" program which donates a small portion of each ticket purchased to reforestation efforts across the country.  CO2 is widely recognized as one of the primary contributors to global warming and an increase inclimate change. The United States, with only 5% of the population, releases almost 25% of the world’s CO2.  We release at a per capita rate that is twice as high as the next highest releasers on the planet.Without a decrease in our CO2 emissions, our planet will experience a variety of detrimental effects on worldwide climate, increased weather related catastrophes, and rising sea levels due to an overall increase in global temperature.

Perpetual Groove is reaching out through their platform as entertainers to help raise the awareness of these global issues and encouraging their fans to make a difference by helping to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into our atmosphere.  Perpetual Groove's latest studio release, LIVELOVEDIE, was produced entirely with renewable energy credits.