Perpetual Groove, 3/24/12

Perpetual Groove
Brooklyn Bowl
New York City, NY
March 24, 2012



As Perpetual Groove continues to roll along in their efforts to make the 2.012 era the most revered in the band’s turbulent eleven year history, they made their first trip to the Northeast since founding member, Matt McDonald, returned to his seat behind the ivories following the departure of his successor, John Hruby.

As part of the run, the Athens quartet (guitarist/vocalist Brock Butler, bassist Adam Perry, drummer Albert Suttle and the aforementioned McDonald) stopped in at the venue for bands with improvisational leanings who are in the area, the Brooklyn Bowl.

Demonstrating exactly why he is such an asset to the band, McDonald and his PGroove partners took songs of both old and new to new places for fans who acquired a taste during the John Hruby era and to both old and new places for those who have been around since the days when McDonald was as much in front of the PGroove sound as front man, Brock Butler.

Though not at capacity, the always fully devoted PGroove was overcome with excitement as many were seeing the original four on stage together for the first time ever, or for the first time in nearly four years.

With a catalogue spanning and very improv-heavy two set show  (that included a debuted tune), Perpetual Groove again demonstrated that they are very capable of accomplishing their 2.012 goal in a year that could have very well been one in which the band had been forced to make some tough choices under a different set of circumstances.

Instead, they have their sights set on festival appearances at events such as Wakarusa and of course, their very own annual event, Amberland, in Lafayette, GA.




I: Holy Ship, Speed Queen, Pepper, Stealy Man>Lemurs
II: Mr. Transistor, Man With All the Answers, TTFPJ, Robot Waltz,
Encore: A Little Bit of Everything*, Only Always

NOTES: * First Time Played. Dedicated to Chris and Audi Cartelli


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