Perpetual Groove, 10/28/11 & 10/31/11

Perpetual Groove 
Crossroads & WorkPlay Theatre 
Huntsville & Birmingham, AL 
October 28 & 31, 2011 


Over the weekend, Perpetual Groove made a trek through the Heart of Dixie for a Friday rendezvous in Huntsville and their first ever Halloween stop in the Magic City of Birmingham.

Throughout the years, the Athens based PGroove quartet has never been a band to shy away from making the most out of the festivities associated with All Hallows’ Eve. From a tribute to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou to a new world order theme with interspersed commentary from Network and an evening with the Cobra Kai based upon Daniel Larusso’s bully karate nemeses from The Karate Kid, Perpetual Groove does not take the day lightly.

Such was the case on Monday night when — after a thorough warming up from front man Brock Butler’s acoustic set — the guys took to the stage adorned with clothes that appeared to be fresh from the closets of Huggy Bear and Randy Watson as they paid homage to Prince with a PERPle Rain theme.

Musically, both the Huntsville and Birmingham outings were exceptionally solid, but more importantly, there was an element of playfulness and there seemed to be a fresh vibe coming from the stage. Highlighted by the once often played Prince cover, “Kiss,” in Birmingham (that featured Gary Paulo on sax) and a “Glock Jam” in Huntsville that incorporated Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” & “War Pigs” as well as Bone’s “Crossroads” in tribute to the venue and multiple Steve Zissou and World Series references, both gigs were above par with crisp play and seamless improvisation.

Smiles were abound and each song — though most have been played countless times over the years — was played with a vigor of a new band. Call it a hunch and place it in the “maybe more will be revealed category,”  but it definitely feels like something special is brewing in the land of Perpetual Groove.


10/28/11 Setlist                                    10/31/11 Setlist
















Click the above 10/28 photo (L) to download the audience recording from Huntsville. Click the above 10/31 photo (R) to download the audience recording from Birmingham.

Click the thumbnail(s) to view photos from the shows by David Shehi