People Get Ready : Self-Titled

The hybrid dance troupe and indie band People Get Ready have created an inviting existence for dance performance concerts on the landscape of New York City’s art and music scenes.  As well now have mined gold with the band’s first recorded effort the People Get Ready EP. 

Though only a short play, the EP is filled with gems of synth-pop majesty.  The lead track “Uncanny” boasts ethereal vocals and precise rhythmic undertones set the pace for the groovy sounds of Steve Reker’s guitar work.  Reker, who was in David Byrne’s touring band as a dancer and guitarist, joined forces with ex-Yeasayer drummer Luke Fasano to form the band.  Both were active in the NYC dance world, and decided to start playing music together.   The bands completion came with the involvement of members Jen Goma and James Rickman.

All of the members have an impressive resume of performance with their previous groups.  Their sound is reminiscent of their experience, with a little David Byrne/Talking Heads and Yeasayer, although it remains fresh and innovative.  The tone of the vocals has a very sedating affect, and yet all four tracks have a danceable groove. Without a doubt the bands’ live performances peak the most interest, but a follow up full length should also be interesting.

The self-titled album is out now on Quite Scientific Records.