People Get Ready - People Get Ready

People Get Ready : Self-Titled

People Get Ready - People Get Ready

When you have a Brooklyn-based band comprised of a former dancer/guitarist for David Byrne and a member of Yeasayer, your Hipster Radar Warning Signal should start going off like Snooki walking into a convent. But contrary to the make-up of this band, People Get Ready have produced one of the most enchanting and encapsulating records of the year. Its humanity and organic warmth make it to totally danceable without making you feel like a complete dufus while doing so. Imagine Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes without the overabundance of unwashed wooks playing kazoos and dancing barefoot.

This record is a number of years in the making and is the brainchild of Steven Reker. It grew out of a four-year-old performance piece that combined live performance of the songs with dance. Each track takes the listener on a journey that feels like bouncing through this world on giant balloons, each one a different color and tone to make the listener feel absorbed into each of these “sound orbs.” From the opening number, “New June,” to “Windy Cindy” and “Dark Candy,” you swim through aural palettes that make you want to stay as underwater as long as possible. The driving organ riffs of “Mr. Shoulders” immediately start the heart beating and toes tapping a faster dance as the album finishes up.

With LCD Soundsystem now retired, we may have found a successor to the crown.

People Get Ready is out  now on Brassland.