Paul Reddick : Sugarbird

paul_reddick_songbird.jpgCanadian Paul Reddick has fashioned a tightly wound blues opus on his latest offering, Sugarbird.

Just one listen of "If By This," is evidence that Reddick, an accomplished harp player, has the Southern music form deeply flowing through his veins. Reddick’s Sugarbird runs the gamut from the aforementioned track’s solitary blues to "It’s Later Than You Think’s" big band swing to "I Will Vanish’s" slide guitar workouts. Along the way, Reddick receives support from Garth Hudson on accordion, Colin Linden’s expert guitar soloing and Stephen Hodges, Gary Craig and Bryan Owings on drums. "Devilment" brings out the jazzy leanings in Dave Roe’s upright bass lines and the sharp, linear brushes of Linden’s attacks on baritone guitar.

But, Sugarbird  is Reddick’s baby, and the harmonica player’s deep voice colors the entire recording with a sweet soulful sheen. Produced by Colin Linden, Sugarbird shines an ever warming light on the talented gifts of north of the border native Paul Reddick.  

Sugarbird is out now on Northern Blues.