Patty Griffin - american-kid

Patty Griffin : American Kid

Patty Griffin - american-kid

It’s a special thing and not an easy feat when an artist is able to display real emotion on a studio album. Offering moments of heart-wrenching pain, drunken joy, notions of mortality and optimistic delight, Patty Griffin’s latest album, American Kid, runs the gamut of emotions. The record, inspired her late father and World War II vet, is a beautiful collection that will undoubtedly remain a gem amongst her already stellar body of work.

American Kid is a shinning example of Griffin’s gift as a storyteller and songwriter and her ability to hit a place in her listener’s heart through passionate imagery and relatable metaphor. Woven alongside her stunning lyrics, the largely acoustic instrumentation provides a fluid soundtrack that is a pleasure to hear. Along with Griffin, brothers Cody and Luther Dickinson (of North Mississippi Allstars) and Robert Plant skillfully lend their talents to the project.

In addition to her tremendous songwriting skills, one cannot accurately speak of Griffin without mentioning her incredible voice. It is truly mesmerizing on American Kid. Employing a break in her voice that borders on a sob, a whisper that can calm your soul and a scream that rings like a siren, the woman knows how to inject passion into a song.

It is with open arms that fans will welcome this return to Griffin’s characteristic compassion, grit and spirit. American Kid is a poignant portrayal of all that makes Patty Griffin a truly amazing artist.

American Kid is out now on New West Records.