Overmountain Men_The-Next-Best-Thing

Overmountain Men : The Next Best Thing

Overmountain Men_The-Next-Best-Thing

It’s a shame that high school students all over this country are bored to tears on a daily basis in American history classes. They are forced to endure dry textbook lectures when they could be learning and enjoying e by listening to Overmountain Men’s latest release, The Next Best Thing. History doesn’t have to be boring, and this record proves it with songs that will have you learning while tapping your toes.

Songs like “Sagamore Hill,” “Halls of Glory” and “Alexander Hamilton” embrace the rich traditions and past triumphs and failures that have made this country great. Comprised of a group of musicians who traipsed in and out of each others lives over the years, the Over Mountain Men are modern day explorers of music and the traditions of songs that have been written in this country over the past 200 plus years. You can feel the rich experiences and broad tapestries that have made America the country that it is today in the songs on The Next Best Thing.

What Lewis & Clark were to discovering new territories all those many years ago, Overmountain Men are to exploring and discovering music today.

The Next Best Thing is out now on Ramseur Records.