On the scene at Wakarusa Part 2: Big Gigantic and Zoogma (VIDEO)

img_9291.jpgIn this second and final On the Scene at Wakarusa piece, we go on the scene with Big Gigantic and Zoogma. Both relative newcomers to the electronic music scene, they  are taking it by storm and are doing it in a way that is unto themselves.

With Big Gigantic, former Motet member, Dominic Lalli brings, yes a saxophone, into the mix. And with Zoogma’s piercing guitar work and equally impressive knack for melody, both acts are proving that organic growth and instrumentation remains important and has not been entirely abandoned in a scene that is becoming increasingly dominated by laptops.

The very distinct acts are both playing with a fervency and hunger that is hard to dismiss, so we thought it would be appropriate to get their HD perspectives on things ranging from improvisation to exactly what the f**k Zoogma is.


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