On the fly with Grace Potter: No rest for the Nocturnals


Grace Potter and her band of Nocturnals have taken musical genres by the the throat. Gaining nearly unilateral acceptance

from as diverse of a music fan as is usually the case, there seems to be no limit for them at this point. 

Honest Tune Live Music Editor, David Shehi caught up with Ms. Potter on the fly at Austin City Limits Music Festival last weekend. In her typical candid fashion, Grace discusses such assorted subjects including: where she and her band are at musically, working with Tim Burton, and the place that the vagina has in the jam scene. We hope that David will be given a pass for his blunder when mentioning “White Rabbit” and putting it with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as opposed to with its rightful place in Alice and Wonderland. Perhaps something distracted him.   

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