Old Union brings out some friends in Nashville

Old Union


Nashville, Tennessee

July 21, 2007

Words and photos by Jennifer Kirk 


Perhaps the best thing about living near Nashville is the opportunity to witness numerous musical mash-ups on any given night. This city brings so much talent that one is hard-pressed to not go out and witness something short of spectacular every single night.

Old Union, with special guests Cadillac Jones, on a Saturday night was no exception.  Having witnessed the jazz-funk-fusion of Cadillac Jones for the first time the night before in Murfreesboro I was very excited to get an opportunity to see them again.  Whenever a horn section plays a lead role in a band, I’m always ‘all ears.’ Cadillac Jones was a great way to warm up the evening for what would be a very interesting night, to say the least.  

Old Union opened up the evening with one of their classics, “Stayin’,” played non-stop for over two hours.  The band played this hometown show in anticipation of their upcoming Motels & Highways, slated for released in September.  The setlist consisted of both newer songs like “Backbreaker,” and bust-outs like “Oregon Trail.”

It would not be an evening in Nashville without a few guests, and this one included Johnny Few and Randy Boen (of the Criminal Element).  Three of the last four songs featured part of the Cadillac Jones horn section, which made for quite a treat.  I sincerely hope to see these two bands together again in the very near future.