Old Man Canyon - Phantoms and Friends

Old Man Canyon : Phantoms & Friends

Old Man Canyon - Phantoms and Friends

Vancouver’s own, Old Man Canyon, have just released their debut EP, Phantoms & Friends. The minty fresh, five-song collection paints a vivid soundscape and introduces the band as a very capable independent upstart.

The title track (and lead=off single) has a presence and atmosphere that is very engaging. The simple, melodic lyrical structure is underlined by strings, subtle piano, haunting harmonies and a driving backbeat. Sure, there are hints of the heavy-hitters like Mumford, and Head and The Heart mixed in among the miscellany, but more obscure influences like Loney, Dear and Iron and Wine are also implied.

Musicians often absorb and gather inspiration in sort of a musical osmosis, so it’s forgivable, especially when the results are honest, focused and passionate. Old Man Canyon’s Phantoms & Friends expresses all three  admirably.

Download the EP for free here: http://oldmancanyon.bandcamp.com/

Phantoms and Friends is out now.