Okonokos on the big screen

Okonokos , the live concert film from My Morning Jacket, will be shown on the big screen and in 5.1 digital surround sound in movie theaters across the country.  It will be shown in the following cities on Monday, October 30th:


For more information go to www.mymorningjacket.com or www.dandeentertainment.com/mmj.html


Boston, MA @ Kendall Square Cinema

Seattle, WA @ Metro Cinemas

Austin, TX @ Galaxy Highlands Theatre

San Diego, CA @ UltraStar Mission Valley

Philadelphia, PA @ T.B.A.

Chicago, IL @ Classic Cinemas Lake Park

San Francisco, CA @ Embarcadero Center Cinema

Wilmington, NC @  The Lumina Theater/UNC Campus

Denver, CO @ Chez Artiste Theatre

Nashville, TN @ Belacourt Theatre

Atlanta, GA @ Midtown Art Cinema

Los Angeles, CA @ Westside Pavilion

St. Louis, MO @ Moolah Theatre

Louisville, KY @ Cinema De Lux 20 

New York, NY @ T.B.D.