oakhurst.jpgThere has always been a rich musical lineage that comes from the front range of Colorado.  String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band and Leftover Salmon all originated there. 

It should come as no suprise, then, that those bands have an influence on Denver’s Oakhurst.

They have proclaimed their sound as "porch music," and they do generate a comfort found in good jamgrass, just like the afore-mentioned Colorado legends.

The lead vocals of A.P. Hill takes listeners down windy roads, alongside raging rivers and to the tallest of mountaintops.  Not only does he have a great vocal presence, the lyrics of the band’s original material creates vivid imagery inside the heads and hearts of listeners.  Musically these young cats have some serious chops.  Adam Smith seems to have a masterful approach to the mandolin and Zach Daniels is no slouch on the banjo, but these two traditional instruments in the hands of Zach and Adam crank out a sound that's far from traditional, the duo playing with fever-pitched picking and rock and roll attitude.

The choice to have a drummer also proves that these guys are far from the stuck in the mud traditionalists.  Chris Budin doesn't just lay the track for this bluegrass locomotive; he also sings from behind the kit.  Joined by Johnny James Qualley on bass, the two build a solid foundation of rhythm for these talented pickers to dance around atop of.

Phenomenal instrumental talent and a very well developed wealth of original material have delivered this band success on a national level.  They have played at festivals like Wakarusa, Mulberry Mountain’s Harvest Fest and Hookahville, and have shared the stage with a wide array of artists like Junior Brown, Lyle Lovett, The Flaming Lips and Leftover Salmon.  They have four released albums, the most recent being Jump in the Get Down on Big Bender Records.  They will certainly be making waves on the festival circuit next year, and will be joining The Simple Man Cruise January 8th-12th at the first of 2009.

More information about Oakhurst, music and tour dates can be found at www.porchmusic.com

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