Nina Nastasia & Jim White : You Follow Me

Delivering her vocals with an aggressive, breathy feel, Nina Nastasia sounds like a 1990s alternative-folk rock chanteuse (think Suzanne Vega or Hope Sandoval) dropped into the new millennium.

Her most recent album, You Follow Me – a collaboration with drummer Jim White (best known for his work with the Australian group Dirty Three) –  is a stripped down affair consisting of Nastasia’s powerful voice and simple melodies she picks on guitar, balanced by White’s pounding-yet-understated drum work. The sound is best delivered in some smoky basement coffeehouse with patrons huddled at their tables, White and Nastasia tucked away in the corner.

As White’s drums and Nastasia’s voice weave in and out of each other, they create a sense that the two are talking to one another.  You Follow Me is an intimate conversation between two musicians.  It is a conversation best told in the dark, and one that we are lucky enough to hear.   

You Follow Me is out now on Fat Cat Records.