Nicos Gun set to launch post SXSW tour (Video)

Having won a Grammy at age 17 for his work with Ludacris ("War With God"), Harry Zelnick set out to craft a Gorillaz-style studio project in his spare time. Harry had worked with everyone from Kelly Clarkson to 50 Cent, but when he and fellow Philadelphians Barney McKenna (Cortez, Cortez) and Nick Bockrath (American Babies, Elevator Fight w/ Zoe Kravitz) started collaborating in the studio, they knew what was going on was too good to pass up.

nicosgun.jpgThey enlisted bassist Andy Black and, before long, they didn’t have a group- they had a gang of locally grown, "musicians’ musicians."

With a sound that has been likened to that of MGMT (they prefer the genre "punk rock Michael Jackson"), they are taking the internet music world by storm at a freakish rate.  To listen to 9 songs streaming on their site,click here.

When they aren’t recording a new song, they’re making a video for the new song they recorded yesterday. To NICOS GUN, making a video and getting instant response on the web is just as fun as making songs: they get to bring people into their world. All YOU need is a Facebook account and a social life to find out that these guys love making songs, getting them to people, and playing live.




3/4/11 – Pool Art Fair / New York, NY

3/9/11 – Court Tavern / New Brunswick, NJ

3/11/11 – Making Time / Philadelphia, PA (Bikini)

3/14/11 – Republic / New Orleans, LA (Million Young)

3/16/11 – House of Blues / Houston, TX (O.M.D. afterparty)

3/17/11 – SXSW Philly @ The Broken Neck (SXSW)

3/17/11 – Do512 Lounge Session / Austin, TX (SXSW)

3/17/11 – SEA NOW!/ / Austin, TX (SXSW)

3/19/11 – The Belmont / Austin, TX (SXSW)

3/22/11 – Proud Larry’s / Oxford, MS (A Place To Bury Strangers)

3/23/11 – Hal & Mal’s Red Room / Jackson, MS

3/25/11 – Newby’s / Memphis, TN (Morning Teleportation)

3/26/11 – Bottle Tree / Birmingham, AL (Morning Teleportation)

3/28/11 – New World Brewery / Tampa, FL (Morning Teleportation)

3/29/11 – Back Booth / Orlando, FL (Morning Teleportation)

3/30/11 – Common Grounds / Gainesville, FL (Morning Teleportation)

3/31/11 – New Brookland Tavern / Columbia, SC (Morning Teleportation)

4/1/11 – Drunken Unicorn / Atlanta, GA (Morning Teleportation)

4/2/11 – Local 506 / Chapel Hill, NC (Morning Teleportation)

4/4/11 – Black Cat / Washington, DC (Morning Teleportation)

4/5/11 – Johnny Brenda’s / Philadelphia, PA (Morning Teleportation)

4/7/11 – Mercury Lounge / New York, NY (Morning Teleportation)

4/9/11 – Abbey Bar / Harrisburg, PA (Morning Teleportation)

6/4/11 – Roots Picnic / Philadelphia, PA (The Roots / Wiz Khalifa / Nas / Esperanza Spalding / Ariel Pink / Man Man / Yelawolf / The Dismemberment Plan)


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