My Morning Jacket gives away another free track from T5 to tide over the wait for ‘Circuital’

Last week My Morning Jacket launched a weekly series where they release a live track from one of their Terminal 5 shows every Monday.  The countdown continues this week with "The Way That He Sings" from the At Dawn performance at Terminal 5 on October 19th, 2010.

Click HERE for the direct download of the latest track, "The Way That He Sings," an oldie but goodie.  

Click HERE for the direct download of the first track that was released, "Butch Cassidy", recorded live on October 18, 2010.

On April 12th, the countdown ends with a new song from the band’s upcoming new album, Circuital.
For more information on the upcoming download dates and Circuital, log on to
My Morning Jacket, 10/28/10 (Photo: Rex-A-Vision)