Murder By Death : Good Morning, Magpie


My first impression of Good Morning, Magpie, the latest release from Murder By Death, was a good one – the first two tunes paid homage to bourbon and whiskey, respectively. After my first good listen to the record, those two titles became even more appropo – the music on Good Morning, Magpie is dark and smoky, with all the subtleties and bite of a Booker’s served neat.

The darker details of this record are what make it so interesting. Shadows permeate most every track, from the booze hound’s bellow in “As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World” to the weariness of “King Of The Gutters, Prince Of The Dogs,” while the organ and guitar work on “Piece by Piece” create a haunting, B-rated horror movie feel.

 The songs that became Good Morning, Magpie developed during a camping trip guitarist/vocalist Adam Turla took in the mountains of Tennessee in 2009. Something about being surrounded by the solitude of the woods turned Turla spookily introspective, allowing Good Morning, Magpie to continue the tradition of Murder By Death’s macabre best.

Good Morning, Magpie is out now on Vagrant Records.