Mule doses Madison Theater

Gov’t Mule
Madison Theater
Covington, Kentucky
November 6, 2008

There must be something in the water served at Covington, Kentucky’s Madison Theater. Musicians continue to ravage the redesigned movie house with inspired performances, while beaming with very big smiles on their faces. Such was the case again as Gov’t Mule brought it’s Kinder Revolution Fall tour to the venerable facility on November 6.

Adding Jorgen Carlsson on bass upped the anticipation level inside the Madison as Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Danny Louis and Carlsson took the stage. Inviting the audience to chime in on the opening chant from "John The Revelator," Haynes soon had the floor in  full fledged body surfing mode on "Wandering Child," while Louis’ keyboard lines colored the affecting "Larger Than Life." Abts’ powerful drumming certainly seemed larger than life, yet his subtle touches graced the inner core of "Wine and Blood." The packed confines of the Madison started singing in full unison again on the Stephen Stills’ composition, "For What It’s Worth." Carlsson got the opportunity to display his talents in full view on the "Fallen Down > The Other One" jam. 

After a short break, Mr. Haynes came back with another huge grin, and stunned the Muleheads on the floor with an electrified take on the Hendrix classic, "Red House." The title track from 2006’s High and Mighty soon followed, and a brief dalliance through "Mr. Man" led into the evening’s high point, Matt Abts’ towering drum clinic. Mule circled around Abts, who led the group forward by anchoring their heavy laden blues structures on the "Mule > Who Do You Love? > Mule" medley. Many inside the aging building had glazed eyes from the ear splitting volume, and bravura cover selections that Gov’t Mule dosed the Madison’s denizens so profoundly with.

And, it was not surprising that Warren Haynes, Jorgen Carlsson, Danny Louis and Matt Abts stormed the stage for a third time with Marshall Tucker Band’s "Can’t You See." A perfect combination of past, present and future made for one of the best Gov’t Mule concerts in the Northern Kentucky town in recent memory, and left many people sharing a nod and a laugh as Haynes and co. left the stage for Pennsylvania.

Set 1: John The Revelator, A Million Miles From Yesterday, Wandering Child, Larger Than Life, Kind of Bird, Wine & Blood, For What It’s Worth, Fallen Down >The Other One (jam), After Midnight

Set 2: Lola Leave Your Light On, Redhouse, Mr. High and Mighty, Mr. Man > Drums >Tastes Like Wine, Mule > Who Do You Love? > Mule

Encore: Can’t You See