Mozely Rose : The New Brew

If Lynyrd Skynyrd's classic line-up released a new album in 2007, it would surely sound like Mozely Rose’s The New Brew.  And while that is most defiantly a compliment, it also becomes The New Brew’s greatest flaw.


It’s full of all of those classic ‘70s southern rock characteristics we’ve come to know – big guitar riffs, wailing solos, and lyrics about drinking, being down on your luck, and “walking out the door”  – and Mozely Rose pulls it off convincingly well. These are clearly not a bunch of carpetbaggers who moved to Virginia and decided to play around with southern rock for a while.


The New Brew is a strong dose of that classic sound and a great listen for those days when you just want to do some drinking, you feel down, or maybe when you just want to tell your lady you are “walking out the door.”


The New Brew is out now.