Mountain Man : Made the Harbor


At the adventurous age of 22, this Southern boy took a trip up the east coast, from Atlanta to north Maine, for the love of music. After navigating bustling, populated areas in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, my friends and I crossed the threshold of New England, where things seemed to settle, the atmosphere – and mentality – resembling the easy feel of home. Vermont’s Mountain Man encompass this easy New England feel that I recall vividly.

Mountain Man are three unique voices and little more, tied together in a loose bow with light, fresh guitar accompaniment that is apparition-like in its presence. Molly Erin Sarle, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, Amelia Randall Meath have released a supple debut, entitled Made the Harbor, which is as pristine as any in recent memory. The haunting and beatific “Animal Tracks” and “Soft Skin” exemplify Mountain Man’s ability to embrace a vocal hook with intense focus, while “Mouthwings” boasts a choral quality that is more reserved, but no less invigorating.

Made the Harbor is a stellar effort from a little known trio with little more than a guitar and three tuned voices. This album is an opportunity to head north, leave the bustle of 21st century production, and retreat to a place that is quaint, pastoral, and may just feel a little bit like home.

Made the Harbor is out now on Partisan Records.